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Kathleen Longacre - 95th Street Library Adult Services Librarian

 The Book of Lies
by Mary Horlock
An extremely compelling read that starts out with an admission of murder by a teen girl named Catherine Rozier. Catherine, who lives on the island of Guernsey, begins the story in 1985 by describing how she murdered her best friend Nicolette. The reader has no idea why Nicolette was murdered but Catherine hints that events uncovered by her father may have something to do with it. Catherine’s father was an amateur historian and keeper of the secrets of Guernsey, which date all the way back to the Nazi occupation of the island during the early 1940s. What could the death of a young girl in the 1980s have to do with events that happened during 1940s? This is the underlying mystery of the book. Very enjoyable read and a first novel by this author.
Reading Level: Adult Kathleen L.

Good Neighbors
by Ryan David Jahn
Kat Marino closes up the bar where she works for the evening and heads home like any other night. She gets out of her car on a cold winter evening and approaches her apartment door when out of the dark a stranger attacks. Her screams for help go unheard and help does not arrive for Kat. The story is a fictionalized account of what happened in the Kitty Genovese murder back in 1964. Why didn’t anyone come to her rescue? Or call the police. This case has been studied in many psychology classes since. Jahn not only tells Kat’s story, but also the stories of what happened to several of Kat’s neighbors that very same evening. Sometimes life get’s in the way of doing the right thing.
Reading Level: Adult Kathleen L.

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