With the Academy Awards coming up this weekend, many of us are considering the impressive talents of some of Hollywood’s brightest actors.  A trained thespian can take a script and make us laugh, cry, dream, despair, or just generally ponder the state of humanity.  We love them (or we love to hate them) for the characters they portray and the art they’ve mastered.  Many of them are more successful than the rest of us could ever dream to be, but some of them – at least those who win Oscars – seem to deserve acclaim for what they do.

But can they write?

These days it seems every other TV or movie star has attempted to pen her own biography (though she’ll most likely call it a memoir), or even a children’s fiction book.  GoodReads, a social media site for readers, has compiled a list of some of the latest and most popular works by celebrity authors.  Memoirs by Keith Richards, Carrie Fisher, and Tina Fey have enjoyed high status on bestseller lists in recent years, and Steve Martin and Madonna are actually writing fiction.  These books are on this list because they’ve been successful, but do they deserve to be?

Are we reading these authors’ books because of their fame, or because their talent on screen can translate into talent on the page?  As non-Hollywood types, it may be difficult to judge acting talent, but as avid readers we can sure say a few things about books that are worth our time.

Check out some of the latest celebrity books and decide for yourself:

1. Shockaholic by Carrie Fisher;




2. Bossypants by Tina Fey;




3. Life by Keith Richards;




4. An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin.