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Today is a fabulous day.  Sure, it’s gray and drizzly, but if you come into your library you can always find another reason to be glad to be alive.  (Laugh at my enthusiasm if you will, but we know you feel the same.  Read on).

We get to celebrate two May traditions on the same day – the 150th anniversary of Cinco de Mayo and the 138th Kentucky Derby.  Strap on a sombrero, grab a mint julep, and cheer for the ponies.  The world’s most thrilling 2-minute horse race is all the more rewarding while celebrating the Battle of Puebla.

For the fans of the less mainstream, it’s also Free Comic Book Day and Karl Marx’s birthday.  Chase’s Calendar of Events always offers us quirky reasons to smile.  It also brings news of global celebrations.  Today in England, fans of “football” are cheering on their favorite team in the FA cup finals.  Both Japan and South Korea are observing Children’s Day.

And in the Library, we’re celebrating Naperville Community Heritage Month.  Come in today, enjoy your library, and explore your community.  While we celebrate history and the rest of the world, it’s even more fun to celebrate being right here right now – in the library!  (Yes, I’m shameless).