So do something for him this Sunday.

You may have heard it before (maybe even from me), but your father is one of the hardest working men you know.  When you – the world’s most adorable devil child – were born, he committed to raising you, and he did it with style.  He helped you take your first steps, and then dangled you by the ankles for laughs.  He gave up four Saturdays in a row to build you the play set that came with the swings and the slide and the fort and the moat.  He always said “yes” when Mom said “no.”  He let you take his brand new Mercedes on your driving lessons, and didn’t yell when you backed into a light pole.  Then he sold it to pay for your wedding.

So – do I need to say it again? – do something for him this Father’s Day.  You owe him.

What do we have for Dad?  Well, maybe not $50,000, but we do have a nice collection of home improvement books.  Build Dad a new patio for his grill (or maybe just replace that light pole) and earn some forgiveness!

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