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Did you know that we provide free e-books at the Library?  Did you know that we also loan e-readers?  Did you know – get ready for this one – that we even offer e-reading classes and one-on-one sessions?

Or do these seem like dumb questions?

If so, you’re probably a smarty-pants.  If not, you’re not alone.  A recent Pew Internet and American Life study found that 62 percent of active readers aren’t aware of the e-book services provided by their local libraries.  The fact is, most libraries are hipper than you think – and Naperville is one of them.  Check out our downloadable catalog and get started!

For those of you already in with the e-crowd, chances are you’re pleased with your options at the Library but you’ve probably noticed that some titles are harder to come by.  Here’s another hard fact for you: only 2 of the 6 major publishers provide a practical e-book lending program for libraries.  That means if the e-book you want is published by any of the other 4, we aren’t likely to procure it.  Forbes magazine elaborates a bit on the issue (with perhaps a bit more objectivity than I can muster).

What are we doing about it?  What we can.  That means working with the American Library Association and publishers to come to a mutual understanding while we continue to provide you with the books and services you want.  The good news is that, even though our position is tough, our e-book collection is alive and growing.  Where we can’t purchase an e-title for OverDrive, we can load it onto one of our Nooks.

Start your e-reading experience at NPL today!