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We know you love it here, but go!  Get away!  That is to say, travel!  And then come back to us.  (What did you think we meant?)

We’ve already mentioned our travel guides, which you can find on the shelves between 914 and 919, depending on the continent of your interest.  Do you fancy Argentina?  Go to 918.2047.  Are you looking to beat the heat in Alaska?  Search for 917.98.  (Watch out for that midnight sun, though).  Want to stalk the athletes in London?  914.21.  Or do you just want to go somewhere else?  Come and browse for ideas.

914 – Europe
915 – Asia
916 – Africa
917 – North America
918 – South America
919 – Other (Antarctica, Australia)

If you prefer to see the sights before you pay the plane fare, check out our travel DVDs.  Rick Steves and the Natural Wonders series can be found in video format.

If, like me, you prefer to get your toes in the dirt and breathe some fresh air, plan an outdoor adventure.  The national parks are a fabulous (and affordable) way to celebrate the summer right here in the United States.  Check out Ken Burns’s latest documentary and anything else on the topic.

Come to the Library, plan your trip, and get a move on!  August is almost here, and the Summer Reading Program is over, anyway.  We’ll count on hearing from you when you come home.