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We all know the best things in life are free: sunshine, snow days, friends, family, your library card…  Not to call ourselves gods or anything, but we at the Library are pretty darn good at satisfying your needs completely gratis.  Okay, so we can’t control the weather or find you the love of your life, but we can keep your brain and imagination going for a lot less money than college tuition.

Other than our catalog and the fabulous online resources we provide to NPL cardholders, we’re constantly discovering free gems out on the Web.  There are other organizations with the spirit of libraries, and we encourage you to take full advantage.  Here are three of our favorites:

  • Khan Academy – Bill Gates champions this repository of over 3,300 educational videos covering K-12 math, science and history.  A global not-for-profit organization supporting lifelong learning, this amazing, interactive resource serves as a true academy, complete with teachers, coaches, and other volunteers.  Explore black holes and study for the SAT!
  • Free.Ed.Gov – The federal government also wants to do its part.  You have a right as a citizen of democracy to extensive educational resources, and several federal agencies have contributed to this impressive digital library.  Study the history of Miss America or read Thomas Edison’s papers!
  • Internet Public Library – Another impressive and far-ranging digital library for students of all ages from the College of Information Science and Technology at Drexel University.  Read up on drug addiction or find sports trivia on WolframAlpha!  There’s even a free e-mail reference service with Ask an ipl2 Librarian!

And, as always, come into your library!  Sometimes we even have free food!