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We received another fantastic question this week, so I couldn’t resist.  History buffs and the generally nostalgic: take note!  You might enjoy this one as much as we did.

FRQs: Fantastic Reference Questions

Part II

From our Text-A-Librarian service:

Patron: When did ‘Fibber Magee and Molly’ air on the radio?
: It aired from April 16, 1935 to October 2, 1959.
Patron: 1935 on NBC!
Librarian: It premiered on NBC in 1935 and continued until its demise in 1959, from the Encyclopedia of Old Time Radio.

Patron: NBC was a radio station back then?
Librarian: Yes! NBC Radio started on November 15, 1926 and the TV station began July 1, 1938. There are still some NBC radio station affiliates on the air today.
Patron: Thank you!